Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2009 Round Up

Following last years roundup I thought it only proper to do one for 2009! I still have seems that photography is not one of my passing phases, despite being a bit off the radar the past four months, I think I have a good excuse ;-)

I have kept with my trusty Canon 450d despite some quite forceful nudges to upgrade following the death of said photographic equipment back in May - apparently I had used it too much in just over a year. On the household contents insurance though it was fixed and up and running again. However I have made friends with some other cameras this year - I was bowled over by some pieces of fine retro plastic goodness and had a play with film, and I've also been surprised by the possibilities afforded to my by my new iphone.

I said this year would be all about light....I've only really touched the basics. I have invested in a Speedlight 430 EXII, but I have to be truthful - I haven't really taken it off auto yet, I plan to conduct a serious investigation into how to use it properly over Christmas. My photographic focus this year however has surprised me, but may be it shouldn't come as such a shock considering the amazing places I have been the past 12 months.

Travel photography, especially landscape photography has dominated my portfolio this year. I have visited some of the most amazing places... Peru, the Galapagos, Istanbul, SW Ireland, and most recently Yosemite National Park and the Sierra Nevada. I ache to be in Ansel Adams shoes, or have a place on the National Geographic team. The world is so full of beautiful places and beautiful people, I want my photography to capture that and show people how important it is to preserve them.

Part of that is getting used to exhibiting and competitions, getting my stuff out there. Last year I said I'd like to get in a magazine. I haven't quite been there but I did have a photograph in a fantastic Flickr Group exhibition in the Jam Factory, Oxford
back in October. I also have some photographs short listed for the annual Galapagos Photography Exhibition. I have my own web site now and I've sold a few prints from it and I'm also getting a few commissions for work which I always really enjoy. In May I'll have my own exhibition in central Oxford for Arts Weeks - I haven't quite decided what I'm going to put in yet but it will likely follow the theme of conservation.

On top of that I've masted the 'M' mode of my camera and by investing in some ND Filters I really feel I am becoming more confident in this art. But there is always so much more to learn. Unlike last year I'm not going to put a list of aims and objectives for 2011 - really all I want to do is stay in love with this medium and still have time to explore it - "sustain my creativity" as a wonderful post by aliteralgirl describes. I hope I can still find that time when I'm wading through nappies (reusable of course). The internet enables me to communicate with so many wonderful creative people and be inspired by them I must be careful to keep in touch.

My favorite take of 2009...again it's difficult. The black and white of Machu Picchu was probably a turning point for me, my first raw conversion, and a place that meant a lot to me after a hard 4 day trek! I also like Turkish Leather for the reason that I mustered the guts to ask a stranger to pose for me in his environment. I do very much like "And I a smiling woman...." as I believe it was truly remarkable to get my cat to pose like that and my new flash worked really well. This year you liked my portrait of Kelly best, I love that one too.

My blog has nearly reached 50,000 visits! Thank you! Please keep visiting and commenting. Happy New Year!

Do you want to know a secret?

I'm sorry I have been so absent these past four months inter-web-sphere - I do have a good excuse.

(Tag reads: Do not open until 26.5.10)

Annual Galapagos Photography Competition

I have four photographs shortlisted in the Annual Galapagos Photography Competition. If you like please vote for me! (Numbers 14, 31, 41, and 43) Voting ends on January 4th.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Music Maestro

My self-portrait "The Clown" has been made into a poster advertising a concert for the Swedish band Piroth.

Thanks to _martinik for sending me a high res version of the poster to print out!