Sunday, January 14, 2007

Show and Tell

Every now and then I post a mosaic of my favorite pictures that have been uploaded to Flickr by other users. There are, however, a few members who I want to show off because I consistently return to their pages to see what they have recently done. My favorite of the favorites.

Folded by Nicholevan

Other than being totally adorable (look at those fingers and toes!), this photograph absolutely blew my mind. The confidence in the owner of the hand; the trust and complete peacefulness of the baby; the wonderful light. Tender and heartbreaking, almost makes you ache.

Bowie and Emil
by Autumn Fawn

I love all of Autumn Fawn's photographs and always eagerly await the next batch to be posted. I chose to show this one simply because I think it is genius to take your kid to a graveyard dressed in a Halloween outfit! Great photographic potential! As in this photograph, the major subject of Autumn Fawn's photography is her son Bowie. It seems that he has atruly magical childhood and her photographs portray an innocence and beauty that captures the heart and makes you want to get into the photograph and be a child again. Other favorites include Painting Raspberries (I love the light and the look of concentration
on Bowie's face), Peter Pan's Window, and her Body as a Vessel Set.

Small by Pierofix

Italian photographer Pierofix has some interesting stuff up on flickr. A lot of his pictures are about photography and himself as the photographer (he doesn't make a bad subject!), but I like him because he also likes to experiment, mixing his mediums and coming up with something contemporary and creative with an edginess about it. He also does quite a bit of street and social photography, a theme which I love but also one that is under threat.

Letting Go by _rebekka
I have many favorite photographers onFlickr but one I keep returning to is _rebekka. The Flickr community's huge response to _rebekka's photography just shows how good she is. Some of her pictures have had over 15,000 views, been favorited over 400 times, she has tonnes of testimonials, and as soon as she posts something she instantly gets 100 raving comments. The photographs themselves are creative and awe inspiring, she takes a lot of self portraits (if I looked like her I would too!), photos of her kids, and many landscape pictures of her native Iceland; the Icelandic light giving her art a haunting and magical depth. I find her work genuinely inspirational but I can't do her justice, go and have a look for yourself. Other of her photographs I really love include What you don't know can indeed hurt you; this self portrait; and her stunning longexposures set.

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