Friday, February 09, 2007

Let it snow

Yesterday it snowed in Oxford. Actually it snowed quite a lot. People were snowed in and couldn't get to work, all the state schools were shut, the traffic disappeared. Oxford city became littered with snowmen, the college buildings adorned a fluffy coat, snowballs flew through the air whilst from the walls of Exeter and Brasenose colleges students engaged in a full scale snow battle. Everyone went out to play, flopping onto the floor to make snow angels, skidding down hills, making footprints, laughing, joking, and giggling like children. Wondering down to Port Meadow we were met with a sea of whiteness, breathtakingly beautiful, a snow lovers paradise. Oxford suits the snow, it turns into a fairytale.

I am still kicking myself for leaving my camera in Birmingham last weekend so I have no photographs of yesterday and now the snow is turning to slush. I took some pictures with a mobile phone and will see how those turn out once transfered onto a computer, but I'm not holding my breath. Luckily the flickr community has provided more that enough momentos of yesterday's winter wonderland for me to blog!

Pictures from:
Lawrence OP, The Ewan, Spigoo, Hyperplane28 and Daveybot

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