Sunday, July 15, 2007

Picture This

Channel 4 are currently advertising for participants for a new flagship art series called Picture This. The programme is looking for Britain's best new digital photographer and would be contestants can enter through filling out an online application form and entering their three best shots (portrait, streetscape/landscape and "what's important to me") from their Flickr gallery. Those with Flickr accounts can also vote for their favorite photos by visiting Picture This' upload galleries.

I've entered, so if you happen to be browsing the galleries and you like my photos, please do vote... it will probably amount to nowt, but you never know owt 'til you have tried!


alexocon said...

There's been a discussion thread about this on the flickr 'How We Are Now' group, most of it negative it has to be said - but decide for yourself!

Anonymous said...
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