Saturday, September 01, 2007

Exploring again

Finally I have a new picture in Flickr's Explore: No 345 for August 29th.


Anonymous said...

I think you should stop worrying about Explore. It isn't a "best of" list and isn't supposed to be. This is a lovely photo but it's not better _because_ it made Explore and it would be no worse if it didn't make Explore.

In other posts you talk about limiting the number of groups an image is in and swapping it from one to another... for why? In the hope of seeing the image appear in a list?

If you think the list is really a "Top 500" and you want to get as high a ranking as you can then what is the point in trying to manipulate it... surely, it would be best to just have your photos recognised for their merits rather than your group-swapping abilities?

And if you think the list isn't a "Top 500" (which it isn't and doesn't profess to be) why bother chasing it anyway.

Just a thought from someone who enjoys your photos for what they are rather than what rank they appear to achieve.

KT Lindsay said...

Dear Anonymous

You make a very good point. In earlier posts I seem to recall that I did write that photography shouldn't be about getting on certain lists or ranked...thanks for bringing me down to earth :-) In any case I am very glad that you like my photos, these types of comments are worth a lot more than a pink star!