Sunday, February 01, 2009

Galapagos: Sea Lions up close and personal

Wildlife photography isn't really my thing, but you can't help but get excited by what you find in the Galapagos Islands. Located in the Pacific Ocean about 1000km off Ecuador, the Islands are home to an amazing array of wildlife...sea lions, iguanas, blue-footed boobies, giant tortoises, albertros', sharks, sea turtles, and what's more you can get really close to it all (but of course don't touch)! So it's an incredible place to have a go at photographing birds and animals, they just seem to want to pose for you! This was my first real attempt at wildlife, I was incredibly lucky to be bale to practice in such an amazing location. Advice I had before i went was right, I didn't really need a supersonic lens, the Canon 70-250mm was just fine, although at max range it was a little hard getting everything in focus and sharp. Unfortunately because I couldn't really see my photographs properly before I got back I didn't really notice whilst I was out there. A lot went in the trash can.

I prefer my Peru photographs, but that's just me. If wildlife is your thing, have a gander (I'm not going to saturate my flickr stream with bird photographs) and there will be more on their way in my SmugMug website when I get that up - watch this space! To start with Sea Lions...naughty things, I nearly had my bum head butted quite a few times crouching down to photograph these fellas!

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