Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Found in the funniest of places

I've been using a tool called the flickrinspector to find out where my photos are being used (they are available under a non-commercial creative commons licence) and they have turned up in the funniest of places:

* The Gay and Lesbian Rowing Federation have used one of my Oxford rowing pictures
* A picture taken of a chocolate cake has ended up in an article in a free software magazine. Naughty naughty, splapped wrists...the author adapted it, not allowed under my licence but I'll let that lie the nice person that I am!
* A blog on Orangutans
* A blog on Flamenco
* Photos of Green College Gardens feature in an online travel guide to Oxford
* Most recently, and perhaps most bizarrely, my naked back sat on a beach has ended up on a free poster to promote ethical patents. Two photos are featured side by side, mine and a photo of the back of a great big sumo wrestler. The caption is "less is more" - I'm taking that as a compliment...I think.

All this lovely free usage does make me wonder though what I would do if someone used one of my pictures to promote or illustrate something I didn't agree with, racism, sexism or an anti chocolate campaign perhaps. I'm just waiting for a foot fetish freak to pick up "Looking for fairies" or "Let me just lie here"...What ho! It's all in the name of art.

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