Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What makes a good photograph?

I look through all my favorites on Flickr and try to determine what it is I love about each one I select. There are patterns. Along with the obvious choices of vibrant colour and nature (as I love vibrant colour and nature) I find that more and more I am liking long exposures and I love interesting portraits. I think that this is because these types of pictures tell stories. Long exposures reveal an accumulation of moments that, in total, to me, are more like a memory. Portraits go beyond the immediate visual detail. There is a kind of discord / dichotomy that I like about them. I like the passage of time collapsed into a 'still' - and the instant extended - the photograph reveals something that ordinarily is only held in memory. Some photographs are wonderful attempts at making pictures of both 'time' and 'memory' together. I guess I try to hear with my eyes what the photographer is saying.

Photographs featured: Long Exposure Set by _rebekka

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