Thursday, May 06, 2010

KT Lindsay: "Photography Born of Purpose". Oxford Artweeks 8th-15th May.

I have spent a huge amount of time recently preparing a collection for an exhibition I'm putting on for Oxford Artweeks. Artweeks is a brilliant annual visual festival held throughout Oxfordshire where local artists and crafty types open up their homes and studios to share their art. Over 400 exhibitions are made freely accessile to the general public, and this year I am one of them!

It's been an experience drawing together a themed collection and a lot of research was done on where best to get the prints from (Ilford) and how to optimize my prints for the best possible results. Mounts had to be custom measured and made ( for the frames I ordered (, bios written and picture plaques authored and made (using foam board). It's all being hung tomorrow and I can't wait to see it!

The collection I have chosen to display is predominantly a series of black and white landscapes to illustrate the theme of conservation, the need to preserve and protect parts of our planet that have been and will continue to be under threat by our own actions. The collection is thus 'born of purpose', a compulsion to create images that tell the story of people and places in slivers of time that may be lost. Seeing the prints together, physically, for the first time will be incredible, and I hope to inject a bit of femininity into what is largely a male dominated area of photography.

All prints are available for purchase in limited edition of 10 from the exhibition venue or via my website.

My exhibition joins those of a number of my colleagues, other closet photographers, jewellery makers, and painters and will be on display from the 8th-15th May at 13 Banbury Road, Oxford.

Photograph featured: Pine in Profile. Yosemite National Park, CA. 2009. 10 x 15 inches. £45.

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