Thursday, May 06, 2010

Photoshoot: Hannah

I spent a lovely Tuesday afternoon photographing my friend Hannah, an actress based in Oxford (she was actually in Never Tell Them, a play for which one of my photographs was used for the playbill). Hannah asked me to do some pics for her resume and website and I was happy to oblige, especially considering I'm not getting out much at the moment due to a rather well developed 9 month old bump.

Doing studio-style portraits at home is always a bit of a worry - I don't have much proper equipment beyond my camera, no fancy lights or backdrops, but I'm a creative type and enjoy coming up with Blue Peter versions. This photoshoot involved usage of my white dining room walls, a piece of black material taped with packing tape to said wall to give a black background, and a floor covered with tin foil to act as a reflector bouncing up the flashgun light coming down off the ceiling.

The remit was "headshots", you know the type you see in theatre programmes. But I can't help myself and did a few non-conventional types, artistic license etc. etc.

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