Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The kindness of strangers

Yesterday I got knocked off my bike whilst cycling to work. It hurt a lot and I banged my head rather hard and passed out. An ambulance was called and I was patched up pretty smartish on the spot. Unluckily, by the time I had come to and got over the shock of all the blood running down my face (from the tiniest of cuts I may add) I couldn't get hold of *any* of my friends to come and steer me in the direction of a hot cup of sweet tea. Mobile phones - what's the point if there is no one on the other end?? Luckily for me however it seems that just random people you meet on the street are willing to go out of their way to help a girl in need, I was well looked after by complete strangers, whose names I don't even know, soothed, calmed and maneuvered me to the safety of my office until I felt well enough to head home. People aren't that bad, they get a lot of stick, but every now and then something touches you to make you realise the goodness in human nature.

As a side note I am trying to tell myself that I look like Lara Croft rather than a silly bint who fell off her bike.

Bertie, is fine.


Hev said...

Ooh not nice, I hope the person who knocked you off helped too.

I think this is a sign you need a helmet.

Glad there were some friendly people to help you out. Hope you feel top notch again soon.

KT Lindsay said...

Thanks Hev, yes, the helmet has come out now :-(