Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Finding the best photographs on Flickr

I've started to use Scout to find the very best work of any photographer on Flickr. My favorite Flickr toy at the moment is Scout. Scout is a toy that allows you to enter your Flickr ID / e-mail into a web page and then return back to you all of your photos that have appeared in Flickr's public Explore/interestingness stream, this stream is the top 500 photos each day according to some kind of magic monkey that works down with the Flickr team. The Flickr team have yet to divulge the algoritham that determines a photo as 'interesting' and worthy of a place in the explore hierarchy, but I think it has something to do with colours, number of comments, views and favorites, it does seem to prefer macros too. Anyway, Interestingness is a great place to start for finding great photography because beyond seeing your own photos that have made Explore, you can also see the photos of others. You can put any photographer that captures your eye into Scout and see what turns up.

Here are some of my favorite photos on Flickr:

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