Sunday, December 03, 2006

365 days

Now here's an interesting concept I've just come across. Everyday for 365 days you take a self portrait and post it on Flickr (see stephenpoff, sadandbeautiful, and chrismaverick for instance)

It seems to have become quite a popular hobby, and a flickr pool has even been created called 365days. I can't decide whether this is a cool and challenging experiment that enables the world to see how your shape changes from day to day or just incredibly self-indulgent, narcissistic, exercise. I'm not sure I would have the inclination, or the confidence to do something like this. And how does one find something new in oneself to photograph everyday for 365 days??? Hmmmmm . . . it's certainly got me thinking about different types of portrait though - hair, toes, beauty spots, tatoos, piercings, earlobes - all the little bits of a person that makes them them, a faceless portrait if you like.

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