Sunday, December 31, 2006

Wait Until Dark

I've waited for years for this film to be released on DVD and after finally manging to get my hands on it I was not disappointed. In Wait Unitil Dark the timelessly beautiful, and possibly the most photogenic woman ever, Audrey Hepburn plays a recently blinded woman persecuted in her apartment by a gang of evil drug smugglers (the most dispicable of which is played by Alan Arkin). The film starts off rather slowly, but gradually suspense and thrills build up unto the rousing final duel between Hepburn and psychotic murderer Arkin. The film's last 15 minutes are simply pulsating. Judged as one of the most gripping and thrilling sequences ever committed to celluloid, with one huge superbly well-judged moment of nerve-jangling shock. Most of all Wait Until Dark is a movie of suspense. As with all great scary movies (Psycho, Jaws, Alien, The Exorcist) it is what you (and in this case, the heroine) can't see that terrifies you. Don't let the fact that this movie was released in 1967 put you off, this is definitely worth watching. The still below is from the final few minutes, and my god did I jump!!

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