Saturday, July 05, 2008

In the morning

This is one of those pictures that I didn't really know what do with. The photo I ended up posting on Flickr was slightly chocolate tinged B&W, but it also looks kind of good in colour and with different crops, I really can't decide so I would appreciate your comments!

The photo was taken with a wide angled lens (Sigma 10-20mm), which basically make things closer to the camera seem bigger than they would normally look and things further away look smaller. I really like this kind of distortion effect, but it yeiled some funny results when I had my legs crossed towards the camera (my feet looked massive!!!!). It was post processed in photoshop using a slightly less orton effect than I have previously used. I also quite like the B&W portrait crop but I just can't figure out how to get rid of the empty curtain rail above the window which I think would improve the composition.

Version 1: Portrait

Version 2: Colour, Square Crop

Version 3: Portrait B&W (I like this one - but want to get rid of the rail!)

Version 4: Colour, Alternative Crop


SwissArmyD said...

Nice stuff... the uptick in viewers via instapundit is called an instalanche. But anytime some goes and says "look, shiny!" I'm on my way.

in this particular image I like the darkness anchoring, and the pull of the light. have you considered an extremely long crop as well?

Excellent work.

Andy said...

Getting rid of the rail in ps should be possible. You have a little coving on the left of the picture that could be cloned.
You're biggest problem I guess would be getting the tone and shadows correct across the width of the wall above the window.
Time consuming but perfectly possible!