Saturday, July 05, 2008

Welcome to my blog!

Hello there!

I'm quite taken aback and flattered after receiving so many hits on my blog after the great comments published by Theo Boehm on the Althouse blog and the link from Instapundit (thank you!).

Over the past year I've watched the visits on my Blog and to my Flickr account rise, My blog (until yesterday!) averaged at 40 hits a day and my Flikr photostream has reached 70,000 unique visits. Right now the Blog is experiencing on average 12 hits a minute which is a bit awe inspiring.....blimey I should think of something profound to say to take advantage of the, "Give peace a chance", "End pollution now", "Vote for....." (no I can't really go that far!).

This is my simple photoblog about my trials and discoveries in photography, sometimes I write a little about myself too, but it's mostly pictures with words to describe them. Generally, you can get a good inkling of my mood and life situ through my pictures, it's kind of a cryptic-esque diary. When I find out how to do something new I post it here as I like to share, I really appreciate it when I find someone's photo that I love and they explain how they took it, it helps me learn, so I'd like to do the same, but also it's a good record for myself.

Do have a look at my Flickr Account and comment on my photos. I always appreciate feedback and constructive criticism,

Today has been a bit of of a weird one, I was on the radio and TV this morning to promote my dance troupe Soleil d'Egypte (not the day job!), then I had all this great feedback on my photos, then as I was walking to that great little Italian Restaurant where I can never a get a table a group of girls told me I had cool hair, then I got ushered into that little Italian Restaurant with no reservation and was given a free drink....what's going on! Could fame really be approaching? I don't think so, it's just one of those days where for once everything is good, but it's nice for a little bit!

Right, enough of the words and back to creating some pictures........


Anonymous said...

I think you've been instapundit-ized. And Althouse-izedhat would explain the increase in traffic.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's known as an 'Instalanch.'

And to think I kicked the pebble that started it!

Both Glen Reynolds and Ann Althouse are avid amateur photographers, and I like to think we all noticed the same good qualities in KT Lindsay's work.

Let's hope this burst of attention will lead to higher sustained interest. A bit more advertising income for this blog would not be the worst consequence of this.

KT Lindsay said...

Mmmmmm, advertising income - sounds good! Saying that google adsense tells me that I've earned a whopping $1.54 in the last 24 hours, which is basically 1/8 of my all time earnings on AdSense.....may be I'll be able to leave the day job, hehe!

Anonymous said...

Well, no one ever said you get rich blogging!

When I said "a bit more advertising income," I was thinking a "bit," not a "pittance." But, oddly enough, a pittance is not far off the mark. I recall estimating my potential income from BlogAds a couple of years ago for a now long-dormant blog. It seemed possible to make about $30 a month with sustained traffic of the kind you've been getting in the past day. Just enough back then to pay for my own domain on a real server, and to avoid the clutches of Blogger. So, your $1.54 a day would have rocketed me into the upper middle classes of bloggers if only I could have sustained the effort to attract the necessary traffic. Yes, one can make $.15 per hour doing something really meaningful!

BTW, thank you for the link to Utata on your sidebar.  That is a wonderful group that I was unaware of.  The work is astonishingly good.