Monday, July 21, 2008

Views from a boat

I spent three days on a canal boat and took pictures of stuff as it passed by!

Loving my wide-angle Sigma 10-20mm, it's constantly on my camera with a polarising filter permanently attached (which I have to thank for the beautiful depths and contrasts of the sky and water).

Actually not much done to this in photoshop (believe it or not), boosted the colour a little and added a slight blur to the bottom part of the photograph.

Orton-method applied to both the above.

Played with the shadows and highlights to get this effect, a bit like I did for "From the Sea". Also dodged the sheep on the ledge a bit to make him stand out, love that sheep!

--- 7.30pm 27th July 2008 ---
I see this post is the victim of another "'Instalanch" ( guys and thanks again Glenn for the reference! If you like or dislike what you see please do make a comment here on my flickr account, your feedback is really appreciated! I'm still just learning!

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Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed canaling in southern England on the Oxford canal and the Thames, and in western France on the rivers Mayenne and Oudon.

It is absolutely the finest way to go on a relaxing vacation and see parts of the countryside where the highways do not go.

In England, each town along the canal has its local pub and beers, and in France each town along the river seems to have its own special cheese and fish dish.

We rented and piloted our own boat in each case, and with a couple of rental bikes on board, we were in complete control of our intinerary and pace, with private and comfortable accomodations always available.

We went on these trips back when Europe was cheap, but today, we are thinking of trying some of the canals in New York and in Ontario and Quebec in Canada.

Did I mention that this is the ONLY way to go!!?